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Founded in 2010 by Dan McGrath, Activ8 Information Security ( is a versatile and progressive consultancy that is independently owned and operated.

Based in Bristol, UK, the team is focused on creating original security-centric software designed for all major platforms (and also some not-so-major ones.)
We create innovative privacy, security and protection solutions for the larger enterprise.
Our aim is to create exceptional value by blending innovative software development methods, close customer relationships, and expert customer service.

Our security solutions are used in the most demanding network environments, and are built to the very highest standards.


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LANreveal was originally written back in early 2008 as a proof-of-concept idea for host-based network analysis and security event correlation.

The trial was a success, however it never made it past the proof-of-concept stage at that time...

More recently, and thanks to some external interest, the project has been resurrected and deployed successfully in a number of large-scale environments with quite amazing results.

As a result, LANreveal is now available as a production-ready solution! If you have a requirement to understand your network traffic better, or you have outdated and poorly understood firewall configurations, then LANreveal can be used to quickly and easily regain understanding and control of your network.

You can rely on LANreveal (and it's sister product LANmapper) to prevent cyber threats, reduce risk exposure and demonstrate network compliance with regulations such as PCI:DSS, ISO27001, Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) etc...


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