Security is exceptionally important to all of our customers.
However, due to rapid growth, changes in staff, limited documentation etc.. it is often the case that companies are left wondering exactly what is going on with their network. This can make firewall configuration extremely tricky and may cause isses at audi time (PCI, ISO27001, SOX etc..)
Using LANmapper is a simple way to regain control of your firewalls, and acurately understand exactly what is happening on your network today.
Using ou revolutionary technologies LANmapper can help you to understand your network, help you understand how business processes map to network traffic and ultimatly help you to protect your enterprise accordingly.

“ Security of our IT systems and particularly those that directly support payment card processing such as our CRM and warehousing systems, are of paramount importance. One key IT security objective was to develop a PCI compliant network security strategy. Using LANreveal allowed us to do this with the minimum of fuss.”

Virgin Mobile

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